Our Services:

  • To bring creative design ideas to the table in the areas of succession, estate planning, retirement planning, investment planning and wealth creation/preservation
  • To coordinate with your other advisors such as your accountant or attorney
  • To act as a catalyst to get things done

Our Philosophy:

  • Serve first, long-term relationship, strict confidentiality
  • Educate you as to your alternatives so you can help make your own decisions
  • Develop a resource center to provide up-to-date information for your particular situation
  • Action orientation

Our Clientele:

  • Successful farmers and Agribusiness owners who have not had the time, expertise, or inclination to manage their finances as professionally as they manage their businesses
  • People who are experiencing a gap among the services offered by traditional advisors (accountant, attorney, stockbroker, insurance agent) - missing an advisor, no one else’s job
  • Your finances are complex enough to require sophisticated financial strategies and coordination
  • You want to develop an intelligent strategic plan

Should You Engage Our Services?

We Offer:

Objective Financial Planning Services with a comprehensive approach to your financial needs

And should you choose to implement our financial planning advice, we can represent you in various financial markets - Investments and Insurance.